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Date: Wed 14 May 2003 - 20:10:00 GMT

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    After reading the below several times now, I'm still at a loss for words. Did anyone else wince after reading the "snip, snip" part?

    [Jake] I'm glad you enjoyed my strange humor. :-)

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    What the hey is this crap?!

    Okay, silly me... what was I thinking, I get it: Jkr438: JOKER438. Very funny, hah-hah...

    [Jake] :-) I was just getting bored with the ongoing "diagnosing". So I thought I would just let my psychological demons out of their cages to play for a while. I'm behaving again. That was a good movie, though. I recommend it even in my saner moments. And the evolutionary psych chat was good too. I wasn't able to attend in real time, but I read the logs of it. Quite a lively and intelligent discussion. Back to memetics.



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    deer ma, i highly recommend this movie about jones of ark. i hear those lovely french people almost threw a fit over her. she was a fine glass of wine and a bite of tasty cheeze, . . . if you know what i mean. (are you there ma? . . . are you listening, ma? . . . . . . . . ) i promise not to let those nasty little brits hurt you like that, ma. nobody's gonna burn you like that if I have anything to do with it. cost-benefit analysis and preemption have that bridge burned *before* you have to even think of it already. so don't even think, about it . . . do you ever catch yourself talking out loud to yourself? what does that sound like, ma? ma? are you listening? just nod if you can hear me, . . . is there anyone at home? love,-j

    p.s. - there is no pain if i drink enough everclear, and if the tourniquet is tight enough there won't be much bleeding either when i have myself castrated, ma. bet you didn't know that! i can add years to my life and boost my iq, guaranteed! i simply can't get over that "snip-snip" sound. at least that's what pa used to tell me right after the jokes about cost-benefit analysis, and right before that funny about immortality. you remember pa, don't you ma? ma? . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    . . . scheduled evolutionary psych chat on #virus IRC channel tomorrow. . .;action=chat read up, ma. think preemption. btw, ma, those little brits aren't amerikan so don't worry
    'bout my burning them. the king of france loved jones, and I love you, ma.
    -jake, your loyal son in lucy-fur.

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