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Date: Wed 14 May 2003 - 19:54:54 GMT

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    Richard opines-

    > You yourself, in this very post, claim SOME information is
    > transmitted from mind to mind. That SOME is memes.

    Sorry, but, no, I did not. Below is what I wrote and what I claim and what I said and what I meant.

    "...the information in one mind is, at best, a reasonably accurate representation of the information in another's, and the maintenance of the accuracy of this representation is the duty of culture, as well as a function of a mind in a society of minds."

    At no time or point is a representation 'SOME' of the original. There is not one molecule of paint from Picasso's brush in the representation of 'Guernica' that I see in my book from the Reina Sofia in Madrid, or even in my memory of being there and seeing it.

    The fact that I've spoken at length with a visiting Basque lawyer and diplomat about issues such as freedom and oppression, also contain not one iota of his blood or brain or one molecule of Picasso's painting about his homeland, and, while it is the direct purpose of such discussions to begin to reorganize and construct similar representations, and to understand viewpoints and experiences, not one feeling he's ever had as he's strolled in his streets can be transmitted to me so that I'll feel them in my feet.

    There is no information being passed from one mind to another. There is only performance (from a performer or an artifact) based upon experience, and perceptual representation (by an observer) based upon interest and venue. Memetic success is quantified by the similarities between the first performance and the performance to follow. Cultural evolution is not possible without a following performance, and only a successful memetic (or viral) performance prompts the behavior of continuance.

    No meme is an island.

    Memeinthemind advocates- you, certainly- might call it all Hawaii....

    - Wade

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