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Date: Wed 14 May 2003 - 16:49:54 GMT

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    >From: "Richard Brodie" <>
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    >Subject: RE: transmission
    >Date: Wed, 14 May 2003 08:46:04 -0700
    >Wade wrote:
    ><<That humans transmit is self-evident. That information is present in
    >the messages being transmitted is also not in dispute.
    >But what _is_ in dispute, and it's not a skeptical position, it's a
    >straight up logical and procedural one, is whether or not the
    >information being transmitted gets transmitted in toto from one human
    >to another, and it is my contention that, since there is no direct
    >means of this transfer (i.e. telepathy is not an agent in this
    >universe), the information in one mind is, at best, a reasonably
    >accurate representation of the information in another's, and the
    >maintenance of the accuracy of this representation is the duty of
    >culture, as well as a function of a mind in a society of minds.
    >Thus, I claim, and I see no refute, that saying 'information is being
    >passed from one mind to another' is a grossly simplistic way to
    >describe the actual events, agents, objectives, participants, media,
    >and processes that go into _any_ cultural (indeed, any interpersonal)
    >You've been bashing this poor straw man for what, a couple years now?
    >I don't know anyone who claims ALL information in one mind is passed to
    >another. You yourself, in this very post, claim SOME information is
    >transmitted from mind to mind. That SOME is memes.
    >The fact of memes does not exclude the fact of performances or of events,
    >agents, objectives, participants, media, and processes.
    Fact of memes? A rather bold statement that is. I'd rather see it as
    "presupposition (or assumption) of memes".

    Is there sufficient reason to assume that ideas are isomorphic between individuals? If so, provide some here:

    I don't see Wade as raising a straw man, but raising healthy objection.

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