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Date: Wed 14 May 2003 - 06:45:21 GMT

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    > Unless you can show that telepathy is a fact, there is no
    > 'information passed from human mind to human mind'.

    > ... Culture is what demands who performs what where and who
    > observes, and it does its best to ensure that each performance meets
    > certain expectations and gets interpreted as identically as possible.

    I feel that such discussions must be ground in the neurobiology through which such transmissions and performances must pass. Recent work suggests that there are "mirror neurons" for physical actions, and possibly also for emotions, so that one brain communicating with another goes through an internal rehearsal of the communication, thereby grasping its import. There is also much discussion of a "truth module" or lie detector which checks communications for deception and consistency.

    Whether the medium of transmission is a "telepathic ether," a "voice of God," or a teen fad in the media, information *is* passed from mind to mind (not necessarily human).

    Malcolm Dean Los Angeles

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