virus: Evolutionary Psychology chat tonight 2100h CST

Date: Tue 13 May 2003 - 22:03:12 GMT

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    For those interesting, the following is an announcement from the Church of the Virus for a chat this evening, May 13th. These moderated chats have been well attended and a lot of fun for people who enjoy serious and intelligent topics and discussions. You can get to the chat channels at:

    <A HREF=";action=chat">;action=chat>

    The #virus channel is open for informal chat before 2100 CST, and people often show up early to chew the cud and get acquainted both before and after the chats.

    -Jake Sapiens

    [David Lucifer] Evolutionary Psychology chat tonight 2100h CST

    Evolutionary psychology primer>>

    [rhinoceros] If you want to find some ready objections to or defenses of evolutionary psychology for today's chat in #virus, here is an interesting 11-page article:

    Essay Review Alas Poor Evolutionary Psychology: Unfairly Accused, Unjustly Condemned By Robert Kurzban or in PDF format

    The objections addressed, successfully or not:

    First Charge: Genetic Determinism Second Charge: Panadaptationism Third Charge: Unfalsifiable hypotheses Fourth Charge: Proximate Explanations Fifth Charge: Evolutionary Claims are Political, not Scientific

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