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    Dace wrote:
    >As Dr. M. Scott Peck pointed out in *People of the Lie*, the very idea of
    >"human evil" would not exist were it not for "malignant narcissism."
    >Traditionally, what's evil is things like earthquakes and plagues and
    >of locusts. Human beings aren't supposed to be evil. When they are, like
    >Hitler or Saddam or George W. Bush, they probably harbor a personality
    >disorder. (For a psychiatric analysis of W., see
    If that's what qualifies for a "psychiatric analysis" I think I'll pass. The speculations about Dubya haing an Oedipal complex, making up a "reaction formation" or identifying with an archetype are pretty dubious. The usage of DSM criteria for various disorders were not well supported. It's an obvious politically biased smear without much depth or substance.

    Don't get me wrong. I'm no big fan of Dubya and think the new tax cutting scheme might be nuts. Asking for hundreds of billions in tax cuts at the same time that almost 100 billion is being slated for the war effort does not seem sane to me, but this is not a matter of individual psychosis on Dubya's part.

    Republicans, as a group, tend to be deluded that Reaganomics will work if given the proper chance and immunize against criticism of the 80's budget deficits with various tactics, like how the Democrats were in control of Congress and Reagan's budgets were DOA. They'll point to how JFK trimmed the top marginal rates long before Reagan was a presidential contender. The idea, call it "Reaganomics" or "supply side-ism", is that cuuting taxes will stimulate the economy and boost revenue. It didn't seem to work well in the 80's, but that was the "Golden Age" when the Gipper was at the helm, previous to "The Fall" when Dubya's dad said to read his lips and then the philanderer got elected twice.

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