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Date: Sat 10 May 2003 - 21:00:28 GMT

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    > Thanks for the Marivaux references. Is this a theatre setting or
    > published?

    La Dispute is a play, and I believe it is available online, and, yes, published in several editions, with some recent translations, as Marivaux was, for some reason, enjoying a small bubble of appreciation over the last year or so.

    La Dispute contains a Skinner-type experiment wherein four babies are kept in total isolation from all contact with anyone of their age or of the opposite sex and of each other, and trained only with language. It is a rather draconian memetic experiment, and I winced when I read the play for the first time.

    But, as is very common in Marivaux, the science is quickly forgotten.

    I would think any discussion of this play amongst sociobiologists or memeticists would be fertile.

    - Wade

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