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    > The performance model allows for no intentional transmission on the
    > part of any participant, or at least, does not require it, and there is
    > also nothing being transmitted in this model, as there is in the
    > memesinthemind model, which is its single and deadly flaw, as meaning
    > is never something that was ever possibly transmitted.

    There must be ' something ' being transmitted though, no matter what_ you can 't get performance, obedience, classification, sight, acceptance, belief,... without a certain kind of transmission of ' information ' even though the transmission will/ can is abstract/ an abstraction.

    Oops, is in itself meaningless, but said in the right way it is apology. What is being transmitted so to speak is IMO the alledged type of info which corresponds to the type of attitude/ behavior/ performance/ etc being expressed in such a way that the observer ' understands ' what has been said, done, performed, etc. interpretated through their perceptions. It is our way, our ability, our sensitivity to ' recognize ' the other his, or culture its ' intention ', and that last bit stands mainly for the abstraction of what we thought the speaker, the actor, the perfor- mance,... meant !

    Any further effect is not essential to call it a meme:- what the obser- ver believes or not, what he sees fit or not doesn 't matter_ it is the abstractional info of the presented political speech in the rented hall that is important. And that info is not transmitted in the ways we think it does, I agree, but does get across anyway as a kind of ' intention ' speaker/ performer/ cultural way and is ' recognized' by the listener/ observer/ believer.

    Did I break all the eggs in the basket this time !?



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