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    > > A memetic- act, a meme would than be that kind of biological
    > > element that not conveys implicit information, but attempts to
    > > sway the listener/ the observer/ the reader in ' doing ' some-
    > > thing !?
    > The performance model allows for no intentional transmission on the
    > part of any participant, or at least, does not require it, and there is
    > also nothing being transmitted in this model, as there is in the
    > memesinthemind model, which is its single and deadly flaw, as meaning
    > is never something that was ever possibly transmitted.

    >>I don 't think there is intentional transmission in my view either.
    It is ' culture ' that demands, constructs ways by which memes can and will propagate. If thus, indeed culture attempts to continue performances of a certain form than those commands are the ways by which memes propagate and evolve.
    " Cultural commands " ' instruct ' us to perform, do, say, something in order that memes can/ will be transmitted, transformed, performed, hearded, listened to, be seen, obeyed, answered, stored, begged for, believed, classified, offered, accepted,....

    What the performer ' intents ', and what I thus in my previous post took for granted, can just be yet another way by which culture com- mands !? Hm, I see ! The natural fact of intention, its definition so to speak, is imbedded in the venue, in what is performed, said, done, classified, obeyed, stored, answered !? But than again, why not lent an ear of Austins speech- acts !?

    If the ' intention ' is imbedded in the words, are incoded in how we perform, are encoded in artifacts and pronounced in settings of books, sentences, behaviors, attitudes, habits and traits, media,
    ....than the meme is generated/ realized and each time anew as inclined toward a specific situational response. The meme is thus part or inbedded in the stable/ static info gene- rated by someone's saying/ doing and is only then the meme when it exists as and within a contextual construct generated by the speaker/ actor/ observer in the act of performing/ acting, listening !?

    If so, than "memes " belong to the categories of communicative illocutionary of which Austin was so proud of, constatives, directives, commissives and acknowledgments and probably all the ones in between and beyond.
    " I " is not a meme, but writing it down is
    " I do something" is, because it is cultural commanded
    " I do nothing " is too, for the same reason as above, culture wants to continue performances of any/ a certain kind.

    What you hold for a meme must do something whatever that will be,
    ' This is a pig sty ' is a meme, because indirectly 'culture ' can demand/ command to straightened it out or to be cleaned up. Directly said it is still a meme, because the meaning of the word ' this ' does not determine which area is being referred to, culture in a way attempts to continue such vague statements in order to let other performances propagate and evolve.

    Do I move a place further on the bench or what.....!?



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