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    Lawry wrote:

    <<My scenario is not one in which the person is trying to prove he is
    'right', but one in which he is trying to alert others to a danger he has discovered. Remember that I am _positing_ that he is right in his analysis, and that he has discovered a genuine threat to his country. Would you say that the person in my scenario has a personality disorder, according to the DSM?>>


    <<You introduce an interesting term: "well-adjusted." Is the DMV definition of personality disorder simply describing a person who is not "well-adjusted"? What is the relationship between 'well-adjusted' and 'comforming/st'?>>

    I didn't invent the term. :)

    A conformist would sacrifice personal fulfillment for the sake of fitting in. Someone well adjusted will get along with himself and others.

    <<Did Galileo have a personality disorder, according the DSM criteria? Was he not well-adjusted?>>

    I suppose it depends upon whose biography you're reading.

    <<I worry about labeling people generally, as the diversity of human beings well exceeds the variety of labels with which people describe each other. The effect of the labeling, whatever else, seems to occlude the distinctions that characterize people from each other. If those distinctions are important, label may then make it difficult for people to interact effectively with each other.>>

    I think the ineffective interaction comes first, then the label. :)

    <<Good to see you on-line.>>

    I've been here, just letting Joe and Keith answer most of the memetics questions. :)

    Richard Brodie

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