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    As I've stated before, Joe is clearly diagnosable with a personality disorder. The diagnostic criteria are listed on page 633 of the DSM-IV:

    A. An enduring pattern of inner experience and behavior that deviates from the expectations of an individual's culture, as manifested in two (or more) of the following areas:
      1. cognition (i.e., ways of perceiving and interpreting self, other people, and events)
      2. affectivity (i.e., the range, intensity, lability, and appropriateness of emotional response)
      3. interpersonal functioning
      4. impulse control B. The enduring pattern is inflexible C. The pattern leads to distress or impairment in social areas of functioning. D. The pattern is stable and of long duration. E. The patern is not better accounted for as a consequence of another mental disorder. F. The pattern is not due to a drug of abuse, a medication, or a general medical condition (e.g., head trauma).

    [Jake] I interpreted the above as a pure ad hominem. Perhaps a somewhat sophisticated and intelligent sounding one, but an ad hominem regardless. Perhaps you could say, "Well, I was just trying to help people out by warning them about Joe." But I don't really buy that. Whether Joe gives you headache, whether you find him full of "brutish eloquence" or something else, he has been around these parts for a while now. A look through the archives of the memetics list, or the Church of the Virus, for the last several years should give people whatever warning they need. I personally avoid psychiatrically "diagnosing" people over the Internet. Even if I had the credentials and training to diagnose someone, I have my doubts that diagnosing someone from their interactions on a public list has any psychiatric usefulness. What I can say about Joe is that he has a terrible case of "last-wordism", but I'm sure you could figure that out for yourself. Beyond that I have no idea of what disorders he may or may not have.

    Speaking of diagnosing people, this is one of my favorite "What's wrong with me?" fun links.

    I just now took it again. My results tend to fluctuate depending on my mood and which of my behaviors I am focussed on, but the following is not untypical of me.

    Disorder | Rating Paranoid: Low Schizoid: Low Schizotypal: Moderate Antisocial: Moderate Borderline: Low Histrionic: Moderate Narcissistic: Low Avoidant: Low Dependent: Moderate Obsessive-Compulsive: Low

    -Jake Sapiens

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