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    > A memetic- act, a meme would than be that kind of biological
    > element that not conveys implicit information, but attempts to
    > sway the listener/ the observer/ the reader in ' doing ' some-
    > thing !?
    > Or is this to far from the beaten performance- path you suggest !?

    Yes, it is a bit too far, and starting to wander in another direction, but, it stays within earshot.

    The performance model allows for no intentional transmission on the part of any participant, or at least, does not require it, and there is also nothing being transmitted in this model, as there is in the memesinthemind model, which is its single and deadly flaw, as meaning is never something that was ever possibly transmitted.

    Culture commands intention, and strong cultures command severe intention, but the performer and the performance do not. The performer, and the performance, are affected by the commands of culture (which are always attempts to continue performances of a certain form), as cultural intention is present in the venue and the time and milieu of performance. (The political speech is presented from a podium in a rented hall- the dance on a stage- the soup in the kitchen.)

    But, yes, culture itself does attempt to deny its immediate audience access to other forms of performance- (when you see Die Valkyrie at the Met, you cannot see Puppetry of the Penis in the East Village)- by commanding inclusion in the performance space of all participants, and memetics is the workings of this inclusion.

    Memetics is, perhaps, the blind playwright of culture.

    - Wade

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