Memetic- acts !? ( Performance meme)

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Date: Fri 09 May 2003 - 19:50:14 GMT

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    ----- Original Message ----- From: "Wade T. Smith" <> Kenneth,
    > > Performances are only to be perceived in a language we can
    > > understand_ any peformance has to be ' written ' in a language
    > > which is communicable
    > Don't forget that the audience is, at all times, interpreting through
    > their perceptions- there is no _direct_ transmission of cultural
    > content. This is the prime error of the memesinthemind model- there is
    > nothing that passes across or remains intact. Perceiver1 is not
    > Perceiver2, nor is Performer1 Performer2, nor is venue1 venue2. And,
    > Time1 is also never Time2, and all these uniquenesses are simple facts
    > of the universe. The fact that conditions allow several factors (of a
    > life form, or a culture) to remain structurally stable is the working
    > effect of evolution, and in the case of culture, the working effect of
    > memetics.


    Wouldn 't than not be fair to drag in something like ' memetic- acts ' analogious to Austins/ Searle 's ' speech- acts ' !?

    Not what is performed is important, but what it ( whatever that is) PERFORMS by ' performing ' is. What is important is what is really intented, and that can be only be determined by the contextual info that the speaker relies on the audience to be understood_ what is ' suggested ' within/ by the abstraction is what is really gets transmitted and that thus is the MEME !?

    Interpretation like you write becomes more ' produce uptake ' in Austin- terms_ if the words/ performance are understood as intented by the speaker and produce some effect by the listener and thus effect more than just the words/ performance mean ( what thus IMO interpretation stands for) than it is just a/ the MEME.
      The MEME is expressed/ transformed/ transmitted/ perfor- med/ communicated/ recognized and thus propagated, evolves and succeeds in its being ' alive ', it exists and ' can do things ' ! There is thus, indeed, no direct transmission of cultural content, what is ' transmitted ' so to speak...what is the MEME is the/ a kind of ' promised ' info generated by someone's acting, saying, doing, performing.

    A memetic- act, a meme would than be that kind of biological element that not conveys implicit information, but attempts to sway the listener/ the observer/ the reader in ' doing ' some- thing !?

    Or is this to far from the beaten performance- path you suggest !?

    Many regards though,


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