RE: On killing Hitler (to prevent holocaust)

From: Vincent Campbell (
Date: Thu 08 May 2003 - 10:01:58 GMT

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            <Yes, let's presume that. Now, try again.>

            But my point is, as I stated, there's absolutely no reason to presume that, except for placing a non-violent person in a situation that excoriates them for their non-violence. That ain't fair. Personally speaking and aside from any distinct moral position I'm not sure I could pull the trigger. I am not a violent or aggressive person, so killing someone in that manner would not come easy to me, and as an act of ruthless rationality I think it would be beyond me. It's not simply a question of whether or not it would be justified or not, it's a question of the personal disposition of each individual impacting on the ability to kill. How else can I put it... since, presumably you'd have no hesitation in doing, I would rather that you were the one with the gun- as long as you didn't then point it at me :-) !

            Are we really talking here about the limits of morality, or perhaps the nature of morality? i.e. morality as memes, or morality as innate, etc. etc.


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