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Date: Wed 07 May 2003 - 19:52:32 GMT

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    > In a massage dated 5/7/2003 2:33:15 PM Central Daylight Time,
    > pathetically begs for attention:
    > Dace STILL will not comment upon my paper, blah to disparage it
    > would blah to disparage the blah he made which prompted my
    > respewing of it, since they remumble each other so much, and he
    > candide bear to graise it, because eyes is minimal. Those who blah
    > reduce aboriginal work either criticize or embrace the work of my
    > face's eternal modular apparatus.
    > [Jake] Maybe its time for you to talk to someone other than Dace, Joe.
    > Love, Jake.
    Maybe you're right; Dace is certainly incapable of rational discussion.

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