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Date: Wed 07 May 2003 - 10:22:03 GMT

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            Hi Everyone,

            A couple of brief comments.

            <To point this discussion back to memes, particularly *religious memes* what
    > went on between the Soviet bloc and the rest of the world was really a
    > religious war--against communism. I think it will eventually be
    > recognized
    > that communism was in competition for the religious meme receptor site in
    > human mental "space" and that the wars were a continuation of a very long
    > series of religious wars.>
    > Communism and capitalism are not synonymous with religions. They are
    > ideological yes, but they are not based on claimed divine revelation, but
    > based on models of economics. The difference comes in terms of prediction
    > and interpretation of economic, political and social trends. Fukuyama, is
    > his USAnian cocoon may presume the argument between the two is over, and
    > others may concur, but the limitations and inequities of capialism that
    > Marxian critiques reveal all too easily just wont go away.
            Maybe, following that Horizon show the other night that was on about religiousity in the temporal lobe (and parietal lobe, reduced blood flow to this region during both christian prayer and buddhist meditation apparently), we should examine devout capitalists and communists to see what happens to their brains when asked to think about their ideologies?


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