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Date: Tue 06 May 2003 - 18:33:17 GMT

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    > > > Of course, I'm quite sure that Dace's mind is made up, and he will
    > > > refuse to be confused by facts. It seems that every position of his
    > > > is held with an emotional, irrational and quasi-religious fervour;
    > > > those who remember his interminable foisting of Sheldrake's quack
    > > > pseudoscience onto this list
    > >
    > > Funny, I don't recall this. How can anyone remember something that
    > > never happened? At no time have I ever imposed my views onto this
    > > list, on Sheldrake or any other topic. If there's one person here
    > > who's obsessed with Rupert Sheldrake-- and continually brings him up
    > > at inappropriate times-- it's Joe Dees. Every time I respond to Dees,
    > > regardless of the topic, he brings up Sheldrake in a lame attempt at
    > > "guilt by association," a well-known logical fallacy. Ad hominem, in
    > > whatever form, is a sign of childishness, particularly when the guilty
    > > party compulsively repeats it at every available opportunity.
    > >
    > Dace inflicted his 'morphic resonance' obsession for well over a year
    > here, a sad fact to which anyone who suffered through that nonsensical
    > flood can readily attest.

    No one will attest to any such thing. Participating in a conversation, particularly when the topic is brought up by another list member, is not the same as inflicting one's private obsessions onto the list.

    > And very few manuscripts here ARE solicited; I
    > simply reposted it to demonstrate that I had more than anticipated the
    > line of argument which Dace proferred, and that perhaps he was even
    > inspired to it by my paper, the substance of which I cannot fail to notice
    > that Dace fails to comment upon.

    You're a case study, Joe. Keep up the good work!

    > > Ironically, it's Mr. Dees who keeps foisting his unsolicited
    > > manuscripts onto the list. Yet another example of projection from Mr.
    > > Ego-case.
    > >
    > And this from Messianic Megalomania Central!

    Okay. So you're suffering from "messianic megalomania." Interesting. I also note, above, that every position of yours is held with an "emotional, irrational, and quasi-religious fervour." Any more self-revealing insults you'd care to hurl in my direction? I'm all ears.


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