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Date: Sun 04 May 2003 - 18:14:33 GMT

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    > Of course, I'm quite sure that Dace's mind is made up, and he will
    > refuse to be confused by facts. It seems that every position of his is
    > held with an emotional, irrational and quasi-religious fervour; those who
    > remember his interminable foisting of Sheldrake's quack pseudoscience
    > onto this list

    Funny, I don't recall this. How can anyone remember something that never happened? At no time have I ever imposed my views onto this list, on Sheldrake or any other topic. If there's one person here who's obsessed with Rupert Sheldrake-- and continually brings him up at inappropriate times-- it's Joe Dees. Every time I respond to Dees, regardless of the topic, he brings up Sheldrake in a lame attempt at "guilt by association," a well-known logical fallacy. Ad hominem, in whatever form, is a sign of childishness, particularly when the guilty party compulsively repeats it at every available opportunity.

    Ironically, it's Mr. Dees who keeps foisting his unsolicited manuscripts onto the list. Yet another example of projection from Mr. Ego-case.


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