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Date: Fri 02 May 2003 - 04:22:22 GMT

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    >From: Chris Taylor <>
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    >Date: Thu, 01 May 2003 15:01:06 +0100
    >The argument about being pro- or anti-Muslim is a bit of a red herring: all
    >this does is get every muslim's back up because it is the perceived
    >anti-Arabism that is the problem (from 'them', although 'they' too have
    >fallen into the shorthand of using Islam as the discriminator), not a more
    >general Islamophobia; and talking about Islam all the time looks like an
    >argument from ignorance.
    You're not too clear here. Are you implying a *valid* distinction betwen Muslims and Arabs?

    Not all Muslims are Arabs? True. Persian Iranians alone prove this point. Non-Arab Asian Muslims also add to this point.

    Not all Arabs are Muslim? True. Christian born PFLP leader George Habash and Palestinian spokesperson Hanan Ashrawi prove this point. There are Christian Arabs. Isn't Tarik Aziz also a Christian, though a member of Husayn's largely *secular* Ba'ath regime?

    Plus, religion aside, there's a secular streak to pan-Arabism if I'm not mistaken. Wasn't Nasserism secular at least as much as the Soviet was embraced? The Ba'ath have been secular and if you look at some aspects of Palestinian nationalism (eg- PFLP and DFLP) you might find a more secular outlook as opposed to Islamic focus seen in HAMAS and Islamic Jihad.

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