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    > Performances are only to be perceived in a language we can
    > understand_ any peformance has to be ' written ' in a language
    > which is communicable

    Don't forget that the audience is, at all times, interpreting through their perceptions- there is no _direct_ transmission of cultural content. This is the prime error of the memesinthemind model- there is nothing that passes across or remains intact. Perceiver1 is not Perceiver2, nor is Performer1 Performer2, nor is venue1 venue2. And, Time1 is also never Time2, and all these uniquenesses are simple facts of the universe. The fact that conditions allow several factors (of a life form, or a culture) to remain structurally stable is the working effect of evolution, and in the case of culture, the working effect of memetics.

    > There is the venue that is common, and that is the setting
    > wherein the performer performs, but what we perceive as
    > audience is individualisticly biased.

    The 'common venue' is also an evolving product of cultural evolution. What each individual perceives is both unique to the individual and also _patterned_ for receptivity by the venue and the performance.

    > Performance and performer are maybe equal partners,
    > although still the performer has his ' individuality ' in what
    > he performs, but IMO performance/ performer and
    > audience are not !

    The audience and the performer and the venue _are_ the agents of performance. They are all mutually exclusive and necessary and sufficient. There can be _no_ performance without all three being present and accounted for.

    Phrase it as you will, but if three things are required and requisite, then I call them equal partners.

    - Wade

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