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Date: Thu 01 May 2003 - 06:50:46 GMT

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    Joe Dees wrote

    >Hokay. I would just like to point out that the US had to play dirty pool
    >with friendly dictators in order to effectively contend with the Soviet bloc
    >in the world arena, where they were doing the same thing in spades.

    To point this discussion back to memes, particularly *religious memes* what went on between the Soviet bloc and the rest of the world was really a religious war--against communism. I think it will eventually be recognized that communism was in competition for the religious meme receptor site in human mental "space" and that the wars were a continuation of a very long series of religious wars.

    Of course, the root cause for such wars is economic, falling wealth per capita. It is interesting that for all the build up, the US and the Soviets never directly fought a war. The Chechen war since the soviet bloc broke up is likely due to relatively high birth rates there which translates into falling wealth per capita, but I have not researched the numbers yet, and am not sure where to start.

    >Once their totalitarian hegemony crumbled, that unfortunate necessity
    >was removed, and our post-Soviet interventions have been mainly
    >about toppling despots and providing needed humanitarian aid.
    >Virtuous interventions (or attempts at them in the third case, or urging
    >and support for them in the last one) since then: Bosnia, Kosovo,
    >Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Haiti, Panama, East Timor. Also notice that
    >the majority of these were in assistance to, and not in oppression of,

    I think we would have let Afghanistan starve (which they were on the verge of doing) if they had not been the base for the 9/11 attack.

    In the "good old days" attacking a stronger tribe was better than starving because some of your tribe's women (carrying the tribe's genes) would usually be incorporated into the stronger tribe if they killed all the males. I suspect (on evolutionary psychology grounds) that decisions made by modern "tribal leaders" like Ben Ladin are biased by accent psychological traits that lead them to attack the very powerful, something close to assisted suicide.

    It actually works out for the average person in a "tribe" like Afghanistan to attack the US and get fed.

    Keith Henson

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