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Date: Tue 29 Apr 2003 - 22:10:21 GMT

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    > From News in Brief @ (satirical)
    >Tortured Ugandan Political Prisoner Wishes Uganda Had Oil
    >KAMPALA, UGANDA. A day after having his hands amputated by soldiers
    >backing President Yoweri Museveni's brutal regime, Ugandan political
    >prisoner Otobo Ankole expressed regret Monday over Uganda's lack of oil
    >reserves. "I dream of the U.S. one day fighting for the liberation of
    >the oppressed Ugandan people," said Ankole as he nursed his bloody
    >stumps. "But, alas, our number-one natural resource is sugar cane."
    >Ankole, whose wife, parents, and five children were among the 4,000
    >slaughtered in Uganda's ethnic killings of 2002, then bowed his head and
    >said a prayer for petroleum.
    >Single instances make for bad precedents. We gonna free the world now?
    >There are several indisputably guilty as hell child-killing perverts in
    >prison that I'd happily execute, but I am against a death penalty. It is
    >indefensible in principle and, especially, in practice. No exceptions.

    Hey Guys Don't blame me for starting this. I wanted to talk about memetic ice-cream flavours.

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