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Date: Sat 26 Apr 2003 - 16:20:42 GMT

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    > IMO
    > the fact of individuality plays a far more greater role than you 're
    > assuming.

    Well, I didn't mean, in any way, to decrease an individual's role in culture, far from it- the individual is one of the prime mutational agents, but, really, I do mean to give the cultural time-space (the venue, if you will), equal importance.

    One individual's performance does not happen in a vacuum. (I might as well mention that the individual himself doesn't happen in a vacuum....) The performance is not possible without the venue, regardless of the individuality of the individual or the degree of mutation (of the intention and/or the action) of the performance.

    The performance must also be perceived, and the venue (and its determining factors of the quality of performance and receptivity of the audience) is perhaps more important than the performer in this phase of cultural transmission.

    At any rate, the lesson from performance theory is that the performance and the performer, as in McLuhan's theory that the medium is indivisible from the message, are equal partners in culture and cultural evolution.

    There is no play without the theatre.

    - Wade

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