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Date: Tue 22 Apr 2003 - 21:01:43 GMT

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    Keith, I used ' pad ' in the meaning of filling up, in the case thus of violence, it could mean conflict, or dispute, or debate, or discussion,....whatever. Where you get thus ' violence ' in all it meanings possible....opposite, contrast, etc....where you get dichotomious sides, whatever the meaning of those sides, you get ' violence
    '. It is more a kind of metaphor_ it is a kind of dichotomious- derived metaphor. Is this clearer !?


    > At 08:34 PM 20/04/03 +0200, Kenneth wrote:
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    > >From: "Keith Henson" <>
    > > > To keep this focused on memetics, the effect of turning on these
    > > > psychological survival traits in humans is to make fanatic memes more
    > > > likely to thrive.
    > >You 're saying that ' extreme ' memes, whatever the pad of that term
    > >may be runs memetic evolution !?
    > >Personaly, I always suspected ' violence ' , whatever the pad of that
    > >term may be, was and is in control.
    > Sorry, most of the time I understand what you are saying, but you are
    > "pad" in a way that does not make sense. Please define.
    > >Meaning:- without an opposite, without the dichotomy you won 't
    > >get meaning as such.

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