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Date: Mon 21 Apr 2003 - 18:53:26 GMT

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    > In some places, fearing this, colonial masters suppressed native languages
    > or restricted the education of colonised Peoples. But there is no stopping
    > the messages which are carried in the primary narratives - the tales told
    > to children which encode cultural attitudes and create the 'normal'.

    Hi Jeremy,

    I am a very lucky guy then !? Over the years French was the main language of communication in Belgium, The Flemish side was always surpressed. Over the years we revolted, but it never went so bad that the sides meet in battle, although, Leuven ' 68/ 69 was a very close thing. Still we have ' facility- communities ' around Brussels where the French speaking population has some advantages, that is, they ought to be spoken to in their own native tongue and that holds water for the Flemish too.

    But we still, both sides, stir the blood of the other if we can.....


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