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    > These divisions lead to conflict and often war. Gangs of New York is a
    > movie based on historical reality. Both gangs in the movie were equally
    > deprived and fighting to improve their social status at the expense of the
    > other. But even the richest people in the country (U.S.) do this when a
    > rich WASP finds reasons to exclude a rich Jew from inclusion in his club
    > in his business. Privation, to my mind, is not the cause. Tribalism is a
    > more likely culprit.

    Grant, Keith,

    What both of you seem to forget is in what ways groups/ mobs/ crowds are formed and how indivuduals act within them. Usual findings indicate that members of a group do make a group judge- ment that is more extreme than the mean of earlier individual judgments_ in whatever direction members were initially inclined.

    So, in context to the above, both arguments could be right (or wrong), privation, or the loss of Self can lead to conflict in social classes where tribalism [ studies have showed that group discussions are in fact usually biased in the direction of initial inclinations] is already a sampling of argu- ments for and against.

    In cases of privation groups are yet to ' formed ', tribalism has already the sentiments of what would be expected of a group....IMO......


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