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Date: Fri 18 Apr 2003 - 21:42:30 GMT

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    This psychological trait needs a name like other evolved psychological characteristics such as capture-bonding (Stockholm Syndrome) and the attention-reward (status) mechanism cults use. Both of these mechanism are behind the spread of certain classes of memes. Privation driven memetic dehumanization kind of captures the essence but doesn't even make a good acronym.

    Any thoughts?

    Keith Henson

    I see an evolved characteristic here but I don't see it necessarily linked to privation. People do and always have found reasons to divide themselves into groups that then separate themselves from others. We divide ourselves into management and labor, upper and lower class, educated and ignorant, protestant and Catholic, uptown and downtown, Irish and Italian expats, etc., etc.

    These divisions lead to conflict and often war. Gangs of New York is a movie based on historical reality. Both gangs in the movie were equally deprived and fighting to improve their social status at the expense of the other. But even the richest people in the country (U.S.) do this when a rich WASP finds reasons to exclude a rich Jew from inclusion in his club and in his business. Privation, to my mind, is not the cause. Tribalism is a more likely culprit.


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