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Date: Fri 18 Apr 2003 - 19:06:59 GMT

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    > The world has been whipped up into hysteria over terrorist attacks and
    > "weapons of mass destruction." Governments want to ban the publication of
    > sensitive scientific research results, and a group of major life sciences
    > editors and authors has concurred. Some even suggest an international body
    > to police research and publication. Dr. Mae-Wan Ho looks at the current
    > epidemic and argues why all of those measures to control bioterrorism are
    > misplaced, and what's really needed.


    Thanks for your contribution, but saying the words of a man I work with,

    " Why do we bother about SARS, if traffic kills, in the US, 50.000 people a year !? "

    The 100 people killed by the disease are just drops in the ocean_ natural selection, in all its complexity at work, the survival of the fittest.... This may sound hard and unreal, but before bioterrorism becomes a " real " threat it has do some " real " damage. Even so, 50.000 deaths or more, we still keep up the pace, don 't we !?

    We don 't care, we' re still speeding_ and we do hope, that we won 't be killed or kill in the process........


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