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Date: Thu 17 Apr 2003 - 11:33:02 GMT

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    Hi. This is probably old stuff but I'd like to ask for opinions: It strikes me that (and perhaps I am being arrogant) I will cope with future language changes, in the sense of new idioms, neologisms both real and from hybridisation - e.g. fan-bloody-tastic something-a-rama or something-gate etc. etc. [there's a million and as usual I can't think of any good ones atm but bear with me] and of course eStuff :) and acronym-style abbreviations IIRC - better than my forebears because I
    _expect_ bits of words to be strapped together, adding bits of meaning to utterances composed on the fly. I'd expect that the pervasive media gives some of these constructs a launching platform, but the fact that almost everyone I know that is (with some exceptions) my age or less does this stuff completely independently all the time shows up (I think) a different approach to language these days (although of course we're still conveying the same content/meaning).

    So I guess my question is; has anyone related / discounted (in favour of a better reason) the change from print to electronic media to the change from what I can best describe as clonal to hybridising language evolution, on a timescale which has also changed from ages to realtime
    (as you would expect)? I see it as a paradigm thing - I (informally) use language (through analogy and hybrid words etc) in a different way - words are no longer the thing but sub-words (stems would be a good one, suffixes too) and I use them like lego.

    I just feel like I'm on the other side of a big change in language use and I don't think anything will turn up in the future which will baffle me the way my grandad (and even my mum) look baffled when I speak to them the way I would in casual peer conversation...

    Ok so that wasn't the clearest expression of it but I hope you get the gist. Tell me this was done and dusted by 1965 then :\

    Cheers, Chris.

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