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Date: Wed 16 Apr 2003 - 11:00:53 GMT

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    On Wednesday, April 16, 2003, at 12:49 AM, Kenneth wrote:

    > The way by which we perform any information is indi-
    > vidualisticly coloured, I agree influenced by cultural/social
    > agreement and consensus but in anyway it boils down
    > to how our personal neural networks are particular con-
    > nected_ and there isn 't a brain the same_ contents- like !

    Yes, yes, of course, but this individual (with all individuality granted, no, demanded, by the model, as well as by fact), is only just
    _one_ of the participants in the performance- the cultural time-space. Just _one_ of the players on the stage.

    Don't forget the stage itself. The time of day. The sightlines of the audience. The acoustics of the venue. The presence of whining children in the hall. The braying of cell phones, the echo of police sirens. The warp of the floor.

    (Consider Cage's 4'33". This is a seminal consideration/demonstration/thought experiment of performance theory.)

    Don't forget the performance itself. it is, after all, what is perceived. Nothing (nothing!) that is in the brain of one of the individuals performing is being perceived.

    The performance itself is the medium of communication, but 'in itself' is also 'in toto'.

    - Wade

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