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Date: Wed 16 Apr 2003 - 06:15:52 GMT

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    >I can't find a reference to it on the web, but I have this memory of
    >reading or hearing about a bone bed in Australia where there was a battle
    >that killed thousands. The timing on the battle was right at the point
    >where the water came up and made Australia a much smaller place. Anyone
    >have a pointer?
    >Of course this would just show that people killed each other when times got
    >Keith Henson
    I'll check on that Keith. It was probably in the north as there were areas of high population in the shallow sea-covered regions. The invention of the boomerang aparently dates back to this time - not the come-back, bird killing, one but the heavy man-killing one. The range of this heavy projectile and the increadable speed of its rotating end part made this a WMD of its day. This would have been a 'displaced persons' problem and refugees, of whatever, are not often welcome especially if they place unsupportable preasure on the economy. War would have probably resulted in many places around the world in similar locations. Look at the legends of floods - Abraham's fatherwas probably a refugee at UR, which explains their journy to Haran, they were asked to leave (maybe). Jeremy Jeremy Bradley 3200 Oxley Hwy Wauchope 2446 Phone:02 65856652 or 02 65856134 E-mail:

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