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Date: Tue 15 Apr 2003 - 07:29:20 GMT

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    >I have been looking at the Hutu/Tutsi conflict recently to see what might
    >be done to model it and reading about the conflicts of the North American
    >natives both between tribes and with the settlers.
    >Memetics, interesting as it is, does not bring in enough elements to the
    >problem of conflict avoidance, particularly ethnic conflict, to model and
    >make predictions.
    Snip.............. As always Keith, V busy. Just a few quick thoughts on your research, excuse the generalisations. Indigenous peoples used rivers as territorial boundaries but colonisers used them for highways. The colonisers would always claim both sides of the river as their territory, usually encompassing the lands of more than one indigenous nation. As the rule of colonial power is to divide and rule, this often meant the elevation of one people over the other thereby causing intergenerational resentment. It has often happened that, after the demise of the colonial power, the people thus effected start to fight. Maybe you would like to comment on that? Jeremy

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