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Date: Fri 11 Apr 2003 - 19:55:58 GMT

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    In addition for the memetics- bit of this thread, I got this from my local paper,

    Never again without a mask,

    " Have you seen all those pictures on TV ? In China and elsewhere in Asia everybody is wearing a dustmask against this strange kind of infection called SARS. It must be that it helps ! "

    A Brussels [ I leave his name out] taxidriver bought such a mask.

    " Everyday more than a dozen people from all the points of the compass are sitting in my cab. God knows what kind of diseases those folks have. I pick up a lot of customers at the airport of Zaventem. It can be that they come from over there, are infected and give it to me just by talking to me."

    Most of his customers are surprised to see the driver wearing his mask. " But a stewardess found it a very smart move. She even suggest her own passengers to wear such a thing if they travel to remote places. " ( FrP)

    Translated out of Dutch by Kenneth Van Oost April 2003

    Personal notes,

    A few points got my attention, 1_ that the driver allegedly beliefs that such a mask helps, something that is backed up by the words of the stewardess.

     2_ that the driver says, ' they come from over there ', he' s treating all foreigners alike, where I do belief that wasn 't the case before the time he was aware of the disease.

    3_ that the stewardess allegedly suggest to all of her customers to wear a mask under any condition when they travel abroad to remote we 're in the clear over here......

    4_ that when the drivers customers must have diseases, Sars and others, he was very fortunate the last couple of years. There isn 't the slighest mention that he was or even became sick in the years he is a taxidriver just by talking to one of his passengers.

    Regards to all,


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