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Date: Thu 10 Apr 2003 - 19:25:06 GMT

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    ----- Original Message ----- From: "Wade T. Smith" <> Kenneth,
    > > Not to nit- pick but in the end it all boils down to what we
    > > individualisticly perceive and in what ways our brain process
    the information. Wade,
    > No.... What it all boils down to is the way we _perform_ the
    > information.

    Ok, Wade, fair enough ! I will, in the future choose my words more carefully, but anyway in the ways we perform the info I still perceive an individualistic bias_ genetic or one other. There is noone ' performing ' actualy the info he/ she has in his or her brain, what comes out as ' performance ' is been adjusted, influenced, judged,... by the info already present and that IMHO is still and will always be individualisticly in nature.

    Noone for that matter can ' perform ' ( imitate) the info I want to send across the way I did, there is already the time/ space difference, but also due to the differences which exist between me and the people who wants to perform the info I lay out for them. What you can do yourself, you do better !

    The way by which we perform any information is indi- vidualisticly coloured, I agree influenced by cultural/social agreement and consensus but in anyway it boils down to how our personal neural networks are particular con- nected_ and there isn 't a brain the same_ contents- like !



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