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    > If it really is possible to track memes in the same
    > way as one can track real viruses, it ought to be
    > possible to produce at least as good a curve for the
    > putative 'travel avoiding' meme as for the real virus.
    > We should keep in mind that memes about things like SARS are now
    > over TV, radio and print media while contagion by the virus itself needs
    > person to person contact in order to spread. I don't see any way to
    > the spread of the two things. The whole world became aware of the SARS
    > virus the same day it struck the people of Hongkong. The actual
    > is moving a great deal slower.

    Hi all,

    Yes and maybe so, but the "actual " affliction have already travelled around the world ! It just need time to infect us all. The problem isn 't localized anymore_ people from all around the world went to Asia, were infected ( we think but do not hope) and went back home. How many and where do they live !? A sudden outburst of the disease can be immanent ! There no need to start a witch- hunt is there !?

    And about the panic- bit, here are examples from Belgium !

    The alderman having the power to contract a marrige of one of the ad- joinings towns of Brussels went mad on Monday, because one of the two people before him to be married was of Chinese origin and only a few days in the country. He asked the couple to go out to the park ( it was a lovely day) and to be wed there.... because after their ceremony he expected a few 100 more for a kind of celebration.

    The couple was very compliant and had a lovely day. The alderman argued that his decision was made in the public interest and had nothing to do with ' a possible ' infection.....

    Another story goes in Liege, where a man was brought in with very peculiar symptoms_ sweating, coughin ', the whole lot. The general hospital went on high alert and the floor where the man was on was sealed of. After 2 days of intens research the doctors came to the final conclusion, it was no Sars, but the man, who indeed came back from Asia, was kicking the habit of using heroin_ he didn 't get his shot when he was in Asia and became sick along the way....


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