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Date: Sun 06 Apr 2003 - 11:13:07 GMT

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    > Forgive me, Ken, but, here is your altered statement as it agrees with
    > the performance model-
    > > What we perceive [...] is our [reality] and that can and will not be
    > > the same as the many 'floating around me....'; 'reality' sits within
    > > my mind and it spreads within like yours sits within your mind and
    > > spreads likewise.
    > And culture results from our 'floating' realities of other's
    > performances.


    Never said I was in disagreement with your idea though ! Not with the general outlines in anyway, just in how what it might/ must contain we seem to differ. But that is simply a way of conjecture about what might/ must contain culture/ society within to be defined as such.

    But as outlined as above, I agree, it our own individualisticly biased perception of what is going on that makes our perso- nal reality, combined and than in what ways we ' perform ' what we ' know ' ends up as ' culture '.


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