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    > >> Culture is what happens when enough similar performances exist within
    a specific time and space. That is not to say that culture can 't happen and sits within a mind....! Wade,
    > No, that is _precisely_ what I am saying. Culture does not and cannot
    > happen by sitting in an individual mind. It needs to have players that
    > get up and be seen performing. And the players of culture are not just
    > individual performers, but the places and times they perform within and
    > the things they perform with.

    Not to nit- pick but in the end it all boils down to what we individualisticly perceive and in what ways our brain process the information. Whatever kind of players involved and in whatever ways they perform and in whatever ways we perceive/ process the information in the end the result is individualisticly adjusted, corrected, processed or whatever. Non of us do have the same thoughts, twice for that matter.

    > No man is an island.

    In the bitter end and in all respects, we are ! How we perceive culture, society or whatever is individualisticly biased within the space/ time_ only in what we agree upon ( what defines culture and what are social traits/ habits and what are decent social behaviors/ conducts) we have a communal matrix. People can 't handle their intrinsic ' loneliness '_ better would be, their intrinsic ( genetical/ memetical) uniqueness.

    And that results into acts of groupsbehavior/ groupsbounding. Monogamy p.e. can be explained as a by- product of such an evolutionary process. Memetically speaking raising a family is better for the propagation of memes, and in the same time we aren't alone. Nature provided us with a mechanism for just doing that it seems, but IMO that ain 't the way it supposed to be..... That is my opinion....


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