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From: Chris Taylor (
Date: Thu 03 Apr 2003 - 11:44:50 GMT

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    > Someone said, " I think more than I wanna think ! "

    Heh :)

    > Figurative, yes, thinking about something that isn 't there in the
    > first place, ok, but what about the literal sense !?
    > Can we, memetical speaking, think too much !?

    I think we're kidding ourselves if we 'think' (ho ho - i.e. if we possess a meme, flawed because it encodes the idea that) we can control our resident memes. What about PTSD (although there is a structural change in the hippocampus I think the point is valid), and more minor stresses we relive while conscious. What about compulsive addiction too. I for one often have thoughts I'd rather be rid of, whether they are raw memories of having my little cat put down, yet another jingle or a craving to see the person I really should avoid (god this is getting a bit confessional, better stop).

    Cheers, Chris.

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