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Date: Mon 31 Mar 2003 - 20:15:11 GMT

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    > > If it is our cognitive functioning that makes evolution possible of
    > > what we see/ perceive and that thus each performance attached
    > > to this is each time different due to such an evolution isn 't the
    > > fact that no culture sits within a mind not biased on a misconcep-
    tion !? Wade,
    > Culture is what happens when enough similar performances exist within a
    > specific time and space.


    That is not to say that culture can 't happen and sits within a mind....! If there were enough similar performances going on in enough individuals within a specific time and space, and if each of those perfor- mances were driven in and by its/ their own momentum, than what is than be defined as ' culture ' is just an ' average casting up ' of what are at the bias " individual perceptions " of what is going on !

    " the world appears, but it appears only to an " I " that thinks "_
    ( Sartre)

    " things are just what they are, without a problem, but also with- out any perspective_ a rock is there but it has no world. Therefor you must have a consciousness. Than and only there the world can be there for YOU " ( Sartre)

    That is what I mean, ' culture ' happens and sits in a mind, yours and mine are different though similar, and thus ' ours ' culture is different but similar. What we perceive as culture is our take on culture and that can and will not be same as the many floa- tin ' around me....' culture ' sits within my mind and it spreads within like yours sits within your mind and spreads likewise.



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