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    > On Tuesday, March 25, 2003, at 08:42 AM, Kenneth wrote:
    > > So, what we perceive as ' cultural evolution ' is due to changes not
    > > only of the cultural environment within but also due to our own per-
    > > ception of things !?
    > Yes, and our perception, and the things we perceive, are changing all
    > the time. And, each performance, be it walking, or strolling, or
    > sauntering down the street, is each and every time different, and yet,
    > an ambulation, just as a spider web is each and every time different,
    > and yet, each and every time, a web.

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    > No culture sits within a single mind and no culture spreads within.

    Hi Wade,

    If it is our cognitive functioning that makes evolution possible of what we see/ perceive and that thus each performance attached to this is each time different due to such an evolution isn 't the fact that no culture sits within a mind not biased on a misconception !?

    If thus each performance done by the many us is that different from the ones others performance and each of us has different cognitive patterns and developments due to their own genetic/ memetical evolution isn 't than what we have inside our head not a solipsistic view of things !?

    How we stroll and when and where we stroll to and what we see/ perceive during the stroll is that different from what the others see/ perceive on their way of walking and our memes and/ or memories are that different of the other participants of the culture we live within that what finally ends up in our mind as ' information ' is solipsistic_ there aren 't no two normal patterns/ developments and activities alike in the brains of the humans......although in a communal matrix.

    What do you think !?


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