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Date: Thu 27 Mar 2003 - 20:29:59 GMT

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    > Wade could be right if the one who observes the actual performance, thus
    > watch the players use the bat, knows what the players are doing.
    > Performance(s) have to have meaning and in that respect you can actually
    > watch the meme.....I suppose !
      Wade, something bordered me, In addition to the above I am intrigued with the following,

    If watch myself ' perform ' something ( say writing something down ) and thus pick up my own self- created memes, would this count as an element of cultural evolution seen as in your performance scheme !?

    There is a creator ( performer)- me- , there is an observer/ perceiver, me ! So something performed has been seen, has been transmitted, from my eyes to the back of my brain, something has been processed, analysed_ so it have to count as being a part of cultural evolution ! No !?

    Or must the ' meaning ' of any cultural evolment in advance be defined !?


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