Re: memetics-digest V1 #1319

From: Scott Chase (
Date: Thu 27 Mar 2003 - 04:50:22 GMT

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    >From: Keith Henson <>
    >Subject: Re: memetics-digest V1 #1319
    >Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2003 19:20:54 -0500
    >At 05:35 PM 26/03/03 -0500, Scott wrote:
    >>But I thought a meme was akin to a gene, not an animal.
    >>An animal is alive. Is a gene alive?
    >No, but for some purposes of modeling you can think of genes and memes as
    >if they were living things.
    "As if" is not the same as "are", I suppose we are agreed on that much.

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