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    ----- Original Message ----- From: "Wade T. Smith" <> Kenneth,
    > > How this than can be included in Wade 's scheme... the mind and things
    > > is up to him to explain.
    > We're not a tabula rosa, but each of us has a significant portion of
    > our internal libraries that we fill only from our own perceptions, and,
    > each and every one of us is standing in a different spot, and thus, we
    > each and every one of us have different perceptions.
    > There is no 'neurological evolution' in our (normally developed)
    > brains. There is, however, unique and divergent and convergent
    > perceptions, along with their unique and divergent and convergent
    > memories, and, any proclaimed evolution of these memories is due,
    > totally and wholly, to the cultural environment each and every one
    > perceives within.

    So, what we perceive as ' cultural evolution ' is due to changes not only of the cultural environment within but also due to our own per- ception of things !? Understandable, but does the ' proclaimed evolution ' of perfor- mances hasn 't a say in things !? Evolution within the cultural landscape is the result of ever chan- gin' performances of cultural/ social/... intercourse/ attempts and perceptions of those things, don 't you than not count in the changes to the performances themselves !? Performances of which I think have to have some neurological bias to be " performed "_ there has to be movement, will, urge, strive, commitment,........!?

    Just a question,


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