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Date: Sun 23 Mar 2003 - 19:36:34 GMT

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    > Memes in performance: Without the players using the bat there can be no
    > game.
    > Do any of these scan more meaningfully/ Do we need all three? Is Wade
    > right that it's only in the last one that we can actually witness the

    One I missed........

    Wade could be right if the one who observes the actual performance, thus watch the players use the bat, knows what the players are doing. Performance(s) have to have meaning and in that respect you can actually watch the meme.....I suppose !

    To me baseball has no meaning, never saw it, don 't know the rules, I could watch a game, thus watch the players perform something but it would have no meaning to me, so in that respect I wouldn 't be watchin ' any baseball related memetical activity.....I suppose ! I would watch some performances, common memetical activity I would perceive......but should I picked up any baseball- memetical or other performance- related meme !? I would have picked up a lot of ' memes ', but would they be considered by my brain/ mind or - plexes as ' meaningful ' !? Should they stay or should they go !?


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