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    > > I see your point. a damaged brain might be damaged in a
    > way
    > > that let pathogenic memes in.
    > > The consequence of the meme at work would really be the consequence of
    > > brain damage. An instructing construct.
    > > I wonder if the damaged brain would be equally undefended against all
    > memes, or just certain kinds of memes ?

    Hi Lawrence,

    I did some reading,

    I begin to wonder of politeness, gentleness,...and other human- like traits of that kind are not hard- wired in over the eons of time....

    Damasio, describes ( on page 31/ Dutch translation ) that ' Gage couldn 't make the right choises and by the choises he made he didn 't commit himself to stay out of trouble. The decisions he made were not innocent or cautious but were choises where with he actually hurt himself. We can pre- suppose that or his value- system has been changed, or that old values were still in place but couldn 't influence no longer the decision- making- process. '

    Damasio supposes that within the frontal lob specific areas for " social conduct " are located. He says ' are those modules chosing by evolution full of algorithms which tell us how we must think and which kind of decisions we should make !? '

    [ memes their selfish behavior fits here very handy, also the meme- meme- eye view takes a peek......]

    Damasio also says that ' if the Phineas Gages of today have to function in real life_ their decisions aren 't that much influenced by whatever their knowledge was before.'

    So yes, the brain would seem to be undefended against ( all) memes in cases of damage......!? So yes, IMO, the brain or mind or whatever - plex that controls the whole of the thinking/ memetic process within the brain/ mind must actually use a kind of defense- system against attacking evil, harmful memes.....a kind of memetic - immune- system like I said before. If this would be located within the frontal lobs and those are damaged, yes evil, harmful memes would snip in without any restriction.

    If, like Damasio describes, our social [ and cultural !?] conduct/ be- havior is located/ present/ controlled/ .....from within a specific part of the frontal lobs [ and thus the according memetic activity is loca- ted/ present/ controlled from within that part] and that part is in any way damaged than we would loose not only the control over our behavior but all of the memes/ - plexes all together about how to behave in our social ( and cultural !?) intercourse.


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