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    > But, how far can culture be reduced until we find this meme thingee? It
    > is my conclusion that culture is contingent upon the continuation of
    > performances within it, and that this demands that the performances
    > themselves be the units of evolution analogous to the gene.

    Interesting deduction........

    But if cultural evolution moves in the fast lane in what respect do those performances differ from the ones preceding them to call it ' evolution '!?

    Walking/ talking/ driving a car/ drinking a beer are cultural performances, where do they differ and change and in what extend from the sentence spokin ' out just before, from the walk we walked just before, from the road we took before, from the ale we drank just before if not all of this can be reduced to the shifts in space/ time !?

    The differences in how I walk down the road isn 't that different from the walk I walked yesterday, the performance of walking hasn 't been changed, just the space/ time of the moment itself has been changed_ evolution seems to occur NOT within the performance itself ( although they can evolve too) but in a kind of perception of those performances occurin' !?

    Again how can that be done without a kind of knowledge within our brain/ mind or whatever mem(e)ory and memetic construct !?

    And in what respect can we than say that cultural evolution is on the fast move if like written above performances themselves don 't evolve that much as such !?


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