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    > But every step is different, every step new, and, in the event such
    > step is observed and can be attempted, as performance in a similar
    > landscape, it will be culturally useful, as culture demands performer
    > and observer and action from both to continue, and, culture is a
    > continuing and modifying condition of the human creature. We say it is
    > evolving only because it is changing in darwinian fashion, not because
    > it's merely 'different' from one place to another, although that's a
    > clue.

    Yes, I begin to understand where you aimin' at... only attempts are being made, there is a kind of similarity no ' replication ' just because of the shift in space/ time !

    You have only ' evolution ' because of that difference wherein the actual performance occurs just because ' we ' are aware of the passing of time ( whatever that is)_ it is our perception that tells that things change / differ and evolve !

    But how can this be done if you don 't consider anything to be present in the mind such as mem(e)ory and memes !?


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