Re: Different words for the same thing?

From: William Benzon (
Date: Thu 20 Mar 2003 - 17:11:24 GMT

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    on 3/20/03 11:18 AM, Gudmundur Ingi Markusson at wrote:

    > He suggests that memes should be defined as Peircian sign-vehicles (in
    > C.S.P.’s terms, representamen), which can be any phenomenon or process in the
    > world, which a cognizing subject interprets as referring to something else.
    > Sign-vehicle-memes are replicated by way of the interpretative response of the
    > cognizing subject. He separates the meme and the meaning (interpretation)
    > arising in peoples brains. Also, he departs from the whole replicator
    > conception, which he criticizes as one of the conceptual errors of
    > “conventional” memetics. These are just some of the points I remember (I
    > emphasize that I am jotting this down from memory). It is a highly recom!
    > mended piece of writing.

    Išve read that piece and Deaconšs position is an attractive one.

    Bill B

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