Re: Different words for the same thing?

From: Grant Callaghan (
Date: Thu 20 Mar 2003 - 15:02:56 GMT

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    I don't know what "meaning" means to you, much less what you think it means to Freeman. I know you haven't used the computer virus analogy, but it has been used in these discussions and it is a moderately specific notion. I used it to indicate that THAT is NOT what Freeman means. As for what Freeman does mean by "meaning," that is not explained easily.

    You really need to read his technical work to get a handle on that. His abstracts do not adequately convey what he means.


    If you know more about what he means by what he says, perhaps you could enlighten us by stating the meaning of meaning (as Freeman means the word) more clearly. The place where I got that statement was from a glossary of terms with special meanings in Neurodynamics "An Exploration In Mesoscopic Brain Dynamics" (2000, Springer-Verlag)


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