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Date: Wed 19 Mar 2003 - 22:06:59 GMT

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    On Wednesday, March 19, 2003, at 04:15 PM, Grant wrote:

    > You don't seem to divide the world up into categories of things
    > previously done or encountered as "old"

    The performance itself does not divide the world up in categories, that is correct, nor do we ever nor will we ever have any need to ask it to. But, culture _does_, and we can't remember everything or store everything in our brains, and so possibly even the way things are stored _as_ memory is such a categorization, as you say, although that is not in any sense certain, and, at any rate, memory is only one of the members of the cast.

    Each performance _is 'new_', absolutely, and there really is no equivocation about this, or shouldn't be. But, yes, each performance
    _uses_ old, or retained, or found, or lying about, things as part of the performance. The performance takes place upon the stage _provided_ by culture. No performance is an island.

    I don't get into a new car each time I get into my little Eagle Summit, but, yes, the trip I take _is_ new, without doubt, every time.

    This is not any controversial claim I make. The world is not a series of time-loops.

    - Wade

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